Is it Time to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

There comes a time in the life of every major home appliance when repairs become more frequent and more costly. As a homeowner, you want to make sure your home is not only comfortable, but also achieving its greatest possible value. But when the cost of repairs continues to grow, the answer is yes: it’sRead more

Become an Entrepreneur in Just 8 Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]

[TEXT] Become an Entrepreneur in Just 8 Steps – and open your own franchise business today! Almost 40% of American workers today want to own their own business. That’s no surprise, as being your own boss translates to freedom and flexibility. One of the most popular ways to step into entrepreneurship is through buying intoRead more

Credit Unions vs. Banks

Isn’t a credit union just a bank? What’s the difference?! Credit unions and banks are both places to save your money in a savings account, open up a checking account, or take out a loan. Though they have these things in common, they’re actually quite different. Check out this infographic to learn more about whatRead more

James Hardie Siding vs. Vinyl Infographic

Vinyl is a popular siding option for homes in the U.S. It’s cheap, and relatively low maintenance. But vinyl doesn’t offer the same elegance as wood, and can’t protect your home from fire, weather, and flying debris. That’s why HardiePlank fiber cement siding was invented by James Hardie. Check out the infographic below to see whyRead more

Lawn Care Infographic

Too many of us consider lawn care to be a summertime activity — but having a beautiful, verdant lawn year-round requires year-round care. So what do you do during the other parts of the year? Check out the handy lawn care infographic below to learn more! Text: Seasons play a great role in the upkeepRead more

Internet Marketing Infographic

Is internet marketing the right investment for your business? Below are some stats to help you make the decision. Text: Internet Marketing for Your Business An introduction to what you need to know when investing in digital marketing services to grow your business online. Where are your customers searching for you? 12.5% Bing 75.2% GoogleRead more

Senior Care Provider Infographic

Senior Care Agency Guide Senior care agencies are becoming increasingly popular. As senior communities and health care in general become more expensive, families are looking into other options to help their relatives. People like hiring in-home caretakers because it is a flexible, as-needed schedule and may include non-medical assistance. For instance, Seniors Helping Seniors is aRead more

Preschool Infographic

A Well-Rounded Preschool Preschool is an important developmental stage for children, where they build a strong foundation for academics and success. It is important that preschools include activities in each of these categories: (1) play, social, fun, coordination and (2) reading, writing, math, and academics. Only focusing on academic related material builds stress levels in kids,Read more