The Amazing Ways the Google Car will Change the World

Are you aware of what Google is planning these days? No? OK

Google has been recently hatching a plan to launch a self-driving car. But few of us know how it will work and the possible implications. There is no doubt that this is going to be a significant milestone in the history of technological advancement that will change our entire infrastructure.

Check out this infographic that takes a plunge to know how Google car could change the world.

Blueprint of Building a Productive Sales Team

This infographic jointly by Salesforce & Pardot compiles a set of sales productivity tips from the best industry experts. According to them, we all need to take a moment from time to time to consider our existing work processes and habits, and should think about streamlining them. This very reason forced them to look to some of the leading minds of the industry.

The most important thing that they wanted to convey through this infographic is that your sales team should always function as a whole - like a well-oiled machinery - and that’s called automation. Again, as per them, a customer becomes accustomed only to a sales cycle that is highly personalised.