9 Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter Infographic

Did you know that when you do certain hobbies on a regular basis you can increase your intelligence? Some of the hobbies that help in this process are more obvious than others and some might surprisingly not make it to the top 10. A hobby like reading, for example, is an obvious choice.


Reading tends to result in more knowledge on a topic than watching TV does. One recent study showed that it resulted in higher world and cultural knowledge compared to watching television.


Writing helps us better organize our thoughts and makes it easier to visualize the direction we want to take. A daily or weekly writing practice can bring about major benefits.

Playing Video Games

Video games are usually seen as mindless entertainment, but some studies have shown that they have positive effects on your cognitive abilities. Video games can improve your visuospatial skills & decision making.


Exercise may not seem like it has an effect on your intelligence, but it is actually one of the best hobbies for getting smarter. It can make you happier, elevate your mood and increase other factors that are linked to intelligence.


Meditation is considered to be good for the mind. Practitioners show improved ability to maintain attention.

Listening to Music

it is commonly known that classical music has positive effects on intelligence. Brain-themed tunes are also influencing neural structure & function.

Playing Chess

Chess is a simple game, but it demands complex strategies. This has a very noticeable effect on a person’s working memory.

Learning a Language

Learning to speak a second language has been proven to do wonders for your cognitive abilities. Current findings show that it can affect the structure of certain regions in the brain.


It’s not the most common idea, but juggling can help improve visual motion perception and hand-eye coordination.

9 Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter Infographic

Infographic Source: smarterhobby

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