infographic frozen pipes 1

Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter Infographic

One of the most expensive risks homeowners face in the winter is freezing water pipes. The average frozen pipe claim ...
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basketball infographic 1

A Visual Compendium of Basketball Jerseys Infographic

As the final battle of the NBA season is nearing, the excitement in the air can be easily felt. On ...
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tomorrows world infographic scaled 2

The Future: Visualizing the next 150 Years Infographic

Do you have any clue what is there in the lap of future? How our lives are going to take ...
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ultimate guide biking cycling 1

The Ultimate Guide to Biking and Cycling Infographic

Want to try biking, but not sure where to start? We’ve got all you need to know, whether you’re a ...
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hilary knight body infographic 3 scaled 2

Hilary Knight’s Refined Nudity Infographic

So, Hilary Knight wondered, when does the taking-off-the-clothes part happen?First things first. It took a lot of kettlebells, a little ...
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inside musks hyperloop 1

The Fifth Form of Transportation Infographic

Elon Musk, visionary engineer and entrepreneur, is demanding that his Hyperloop design will revolutionize transportation as we know it today ...
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the modern nurse 1

The Modern Nurse Infographic

This inforgraphic presents shocking comparisons between gender and ethnicity equality in the current nursing workforce.Topics are exposed such as modern ...
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lost generation infographic scaled 2

Are Millennials A Lost Generation Infographic

Are millennials lazy, entitled and coddled? If no, then why they have been stereotyped as thus? They probably have many ...
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cat infographic scaled 2

Cleverest Cat Infographic

To celebrate the launch of Britain's Cleverest Cat competition for the second year, Felix have created this fun infographic all ...
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obesity in children 1

Obesity in Children Infographic

For the first time in history, American children are going to have a shorter life span than what their parents ...
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