How Microscopy Revolutionized Neuroscience Infographic

In the year 1850, Camillo Golgi developed a new method that used silver nitrate to stain a few cells of the nervous system at random. Golgi believed the brain was continuous, made up of an uninterrupted reticulum, a single mesh.

This could not have been possible if microscope was not there. Microscopy has undoubtedly revolutionized the study of neuroscience. The current microscopy technologies are approaching the physical limits of light microscopy. Future advance, like CLARITY, will help neuroscientists continue to look deeper into the brain without breaking the laws of physics.

Learn more about the days before brain gaming with a great infographic by outlining the history of how we see neurons.

visualizing-the-brain-at-the-cellular-level-how-microscopy-changed-neuroscienceInfographic Source: knowingneurons

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