How to Say Friend Around the World Infographic

With this graphic, we’ll know how to greet people from other cultures. Learn the word for friend in languages like Italian or German, just to name a few. It’s really interesting how it includes languages that native speakers may never even hear of.

There are many words that mean ‘friend’ in languages other than English. For example, Fürsprecher in German and soe’nara in Tahitian (a language spoken in French Polynesia) . It is even common for two languages to share the same word such as ami (French) or amigo (Spanish).

We also saw the range of languages spoken around the world, with up to 16 different official ones in Zimbabwe. It was great to see that you don’t need to speak English in order to get around. One interesting translation we found was the name ‘rafiki’ which means ‘friend’ in Tanzania. This comes from the word used for Rafiki in “The Lion King”. It’s probably a reference to their friendly nature – they’re one of our favourite animals around the world.

How to Say Friend Around the World InfographicInfographic Source: taxi2airport

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