Lawn Care Infographic

Too many of us consider lawn care to be a summertime activity — but having a beautiful, verdant lawn year-round requires year-round care. So what do you do during the other parts of the year? Check out the handy lawn care infographic below to learn more!

Seasons play a great role in the upkeep of your lawn. Follow this timeline according to the climate where you live, and make your lawn the star of the neighborhood — year-round.

1. Early Spring
Now that the frost has cleared, it’s time to put your lawn care routine back into gear. Trim trees, prune and shape hedges, and rake up any leftover debris and leaves from the winter.

2. Mid Spring
Mid-spring is the best time to aerate your lawn if you have warm season grass, in order to help water and fertilizer reach the roots. It’s also time to begin regularly mowing and weeding, and applying herbicide if crabgrass has become a problem.

3. Late Spring
Consult a lawn care professional to determine your lawn’s pH level. For optimal lawn growth, you’ll need to add lime to raise the pH, or sulfur to lower it.

4. Summer
If the summer weather has been particularly dry, soak your lawn once a week to keep it looking beautiful and healthy.

5. Fall
Chances are that the remnants of summer heat have caused your grass to thin a bit. If so, re-seed and fertilize your lawn to give your grass nutrients before going dormant. Continue mowing the grass up until it goes dormant for the winter, and don’t forget to regularly clean up and remove leaves.

Sound like a lot of work?

Lawn maintenance requires dedication, a bit of sweat, and some knowledge about your specific grass and soil. Leave the work to the pros, and post up in your favorite lawn chair instead.


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