LTE: What You Should Know About It Infographic

Perhaps you have already come across this widely discussed term and today we are here with an infographic to help you understand what this LTE or Long Term Evolution in telecommunication actually is. Today, all the four major U.S. mobile carriers are offering LTE service and billions of dollars are spent each year not just in building but also in marketing LTE networks.

You have probably seen the LTE ads on TV, heard in radio, in print, and even in hoardings, since today, LTE is everywhere. Though it’s just 3 characters, in reality it has the potential to revolutionize your everyday mobile experience.

Take a look at this infographic first published in to know what LTE is in detail. Try to understand the technical details behind those ubiquitous marketing claims, and see how the carriers fared in our comparative testing.

lte-infographicInfographic Source: rootmetrics

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