Social Media: The New Face of Disaster Response Infographic

From fundraising to locating survivors, social media is quickly becoming the most reliable and efficient outlet for managing disaster response.

Today 76% people make use of social media to contact their friends and relatives to ensure their safety during crisis situations, 37% people use to look for shelter, 24% convey their condition to their loved ones, 18% get relevant emergency information through Facebook, and more than 20% of disaster survivors contact disaster responders through social media, websites or by email. The fact behind all these stats is that most disaster victims (more than 80%) who seek help, expect the responders to arrive with help within an hour.

The craze and trustworthiness has reached to such an extent that nowadays people use social media as the prime substitute to 911 for reaching out to the crisis responders.

Check out this infographic (click to enlarge) by the University of San Francisco Online MPA and experience the growing role of social media as the new face of disaster response. Know how these social networking sites already helped rescue and relief efforts of numerous catastrophes in the last few years during the Tsunami in Japan and Haiti’s earthquake.

social-media-and-disaster-responseInfographic Source: usfca

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