The Nursing Code Infographic

A nurse’s job in a hospital ranges from drawing blood to surgery prep and everything in between. They are what support patient recovery and are the backbone to every hospital, but they can’t do it all on their own. There are plenty of ways to help your nurse help you get the best quality of care you can.

That being said, there is a secret code, if you will, among nurses, and knowing that code is could help you better connect to the people taking care of you. For example, if a nurse reminds you that you have a right to a second opinion, that could be code that your nurse doesn’t like, or even, trust your doctor or his opinion on treatment. Just because you nurse isn’t a doctor, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t heed her opinions or suggestions; they did, after all, spend a lot of time in school to get to where they are now. And remember, if your nurse is exceptional, let her manager know; your nurse will be glad to hear that she made a difference in your care.

For more on the secret nursing code and how to decipher it, take a look at this infographic by

nursing-code-infographicInfographic Source: cheapnursedegrees

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