The Sailor’s Guide to Tying Boat Knots Infographic

One of the most popular knots in angling is called the bowline. The loop gets tighter with pressure and it’s an easy knot to tie & untie. It has been used for over. Making one knot particular to the occasion, when the coast guard goes out to save a stranded boater, they tie a bowline knot in order to help them hoist the stranded boater from the sea. This is just one of 16 different knots that are displayed in this guide that shows all the most important knots used for various occasions.

The figure eight knot is also something you should learn in order to be safe when working with rope. For example, when you set up temporary protection to prevent the boat from bumping into the dock. With these step-by-step photo guides you’ll have the skills to tie knots in no time.

The Sailors Guide to Tying Boat Knots Infographic

Infographic Source: seattleyachts

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