What is Bokashi Infographic

Bokashi Fermenting is your golden ticket to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Even though I love the planet, I also enjoy the occasional slice of pizza or burrito. The food can be just as beautiful with its yummy-looking toppings and tasty flavors, don’t you think?

Thanks to Bokashi, eating food I enjoy doesn’t have to mean that I’m not environmentally conscious. In the past, I’ve tried traditional composting as a way to minimize my food waste but far too often ended up feeling frustrated with it. It was never easy for me to compost without guilt, because my knowledge that it still releases greenhouse gasses into our environment.

Except for the initial investment of purchasing and assembling your bin and packing material, you’re investing in a process that can provide tons of benefits. One of the best things about using Bokashi is that you can use it to fertilize your plants and make them healthier! And, don’t forget that Bokashi also won’t release any toxic greenhouse gasses into the air!

We only have one planet, so with Bokashi, we can each do our part to protect it.

What is Bokashi InfographicInfographic Source: sustainableamerica

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